Welcome to OLLI, where curious minds gather. Members tell us they come for the intellectual stimulation of the courses and activities, and they stay for the people. OLLI provides learning opportunities to enhance the enjoyment, meaning, and direction of adult lives as well as the health and well-being of adults. OLLI seeks to develop a community of older learners who would be an integral part of the UTEP campus experience. It is a relaxed and informal atmosphere. We share knowledge, spark ideas, inspire new thinking, and forge friendships. No tests or pressure...just the sheer joy of learning.

OLLI at UTEP's program of classes is developed by a group of volunteer members, the Curriculum Committee, who determine what the courses will be based on past enrollments and suggestions from the membership at large. Members of the Curriculum Committee have specific duties and responsibilities throughout the academic term of their service and are the operating force behind OLLI's success at UTEP.

OLLI members also participate is other social activities through out the year like the monthly brown bag lunches and the photography club. UTEP offers many educational, and musical events that are available to OLLI members at a discount - Theater, concerts, museum exhibits, and special lectures to name a few.

OLLI at UTEP is one of 119 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes on university and college campuses in 50 states (plus the District of Columbia) supported by the Bernard Osher Foundation. Each Osher Institute reflects the culture of its own university and learning community.

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